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What historical figure would represent Michigan best?

Make a recommendation for a new statue in Statuary Hall that best represents Michigan.

Here are some people to start with (click on names for a link to a biography):

Political Leaders/Activists

Richard Austin (MI Secretary of State)

John D. Dingell (US Congressman)

Phillip A. Hart (US Senator)

Damon Keith (Federal Judge)

Frank Murphy (Mayor, Governor, Attorney General, US Supreme Court Justice)

G. Mennen Williams (Governor/MI Supreme Court Justice)

Coleman Young (Mayor of Detroit)


Civil Rights Leaders/Activists

Rosa Parks

Sojourner Truth


Native American Leaders/Activists

Chief Pontiac

Chief Baw Beese


Pioneering Women

Merze Tate

Roberta Griffith

Anna Howard Shaw



Leaders in the Arts

Berry Gordy

Aretha Franklin

Edna Ferber 

Ernest Hemmingway



LGBTQ+ Leaders


Jim Toy


We encourage you to find another Michigander who meets the requirements and would be a meaningful replacement. 

Submit Your Recommendation By Answering These Questions:

What do you want to accomplish through the new Michigan statue?

Who will best do that?

Explain why this person is the best choice to represent Michigan in the U.S. Capitol and accomplish your goal(s).

Recommendation Form

Send your response to



Write your state legislators and let them know what you think. Here is where you can find your state legislators: ,


And here is a website with some instructions on how to go about contacting them: .

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